The Day of Hungarian Science is an annual programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). At this event a number of researchers, professors, university lecturers present lectures on topics related to their fields of expertise. You can view the lectures and read the publications on the Academy’s website up to the programme of 2015.

This year, the MTA’s  Regional Committee of Miskolc  also invited Prof. Dr. Zoltán Dinya, Flavon’s Sceintific Advisor, to give an online lecture at the event. Prof. Dinya presented his latest lecture titled “The Covid-19 epidemic and age-related human behaviour and nutrition” on 24 November.

“We need to strengthen the body and the immune system through health-conscious nutrition, dietary supplementation and proper lifestyle and also get vaccinated” said the Professor.

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Healthy ageing was also discussed:

“Cocoa oil, berries, beetroot, dark chocolate, curcuma, onion, rosemary, seeds, avocado and broccoli can improve brain function. They help in the prevention of the decline of memory and mental performance.”

He concluded his presentation by stressing that “vaccination and the regular consumption of Ruby-D by Flavon is the health-conscious way to avoid coronavirus and to get through it easier if you do catch the virus”.

Our article will be updated: a video of the presentation will be posted in the article soon.

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