You have mentioned in several interviews that your past 15 years entailed a great deal of self-sacrifice. Does it ever occur to you before a race what a high price you paid in order to become a champion?

No, it does not, as right before the race I always focus on the strategy we have planned. That’s the top priority. I exclude every distracting thought. As soon as I cross the finishing line and win the gold medal, various things – including the sacrifice I made – flash through my mind, and also the feeling that it was worth it.

You have communicated a couple of times that being a top athlete has taken a toll on your private life. Has winning an Olympic gold medal made you realize that it is time to change your priorities?  

Yes, definitely. Now that I made my dream come true, which was becoming an Olympic gold medallist, I am happy and ready to improve my social and private life. Now is the time to be a more engaged citizen, and start structuring my personal life and focus on my studies too.   

László Gaál and Bálint Kopasz in Flavon’s office, Budapest

This September you are going to begin your studies at István Széchenyi University. What are your expectations? Are you excited or do you have mixed feelings about becoming an undergraduate? 

Obviously I am a little bit excited and also uncertain whether I made the right decision, but I think my feelings will settle and everything will fall into place in the end. I will be a part-time student taking correspondence courses so I do not think it will be so overwhelming.

Do you think you are going to change your training strategies in any way for the next Olympic Games or you and your Mum stick to the good old routine?

I personally think that there is always room for improvement and there are innovations that we will be able to incorporate into my training plans. But at the same time I would not like to turn aside from the well-trodden path that we have been working on so hard.        

In what ways do you think Flavon products played a part in your career as a professional athlete?

Flavon products have been part of my diet for years now, especially my best-loved Flavon Max Plus that I would never miss. As it is very rich in red berry fruits, they help with red blood cell formation naturally and balance iron levels. Having these products is definitely paying off, as I have great physical endurance and I am very happy with my mental performance too.     

As an athlete I have always made health conscious choices as far as dietary supplements are concerned, picking the ones with as little additives, colourants and preservatives as possible. I am so pleased that Flavon products meet these requirements, so I can safely include them in my diet any time.             

If I had to point out one of the most beneficial impacts of Flavon products, that would be the health benefits of flavonoids. In my case, as a professional athlete, during the hard and very intense practices and workouts free radicals release, and inflammation develops in my body. Flavonoids are able to fight the inflammation naturally, and this way they help reduce recovery time between my practices. I also take Green Plus, normally after my main meals, to supplement my vegetable intake that does not always fall into the proper quality and quantity category. I feel ill very rarely, and practically never have any serious health problems, as my immune system is effectively supported by Flavon products and the various combinations of them. 

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