Health is the body’s ability to adapt. The goal is healthy ageing, to increase the number of years without medication. One of the main factors in ageing is the so-called oxidative stress, caused by external and internal factors. Respiration is the basis of our life and our natural death. External oxidative effects (e.g. smoking, UV/electromagnetic radiation, chemical pollution, etc.) and the oxygen taken up by our body create so-called reactive forms, among which highly reactive free radicals have specific physiological effects. They include oxidant effects which damage our cells and organs, i.e. lead to pathologies, accelerate our ageing. When the amount of these reactive forms exceeds what is needed and our body’s antioxidant defence system cannot neutralise the excess or the damage they cause to our health, we suffer oxidative stress, which inhibits our health.

It is therefore essential that we ourselves health-consciously develop and maintain an antioxidant system, primarily based on proper nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle. Their foundation are plant-based (fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, cereals) foods and supplements. In this way we can take the most important plant-based antioxidants, the polyphenols, including flavonoids. Flavonoids have a wide range of proven, health-promoting, physiological effects, but they act together, not individually, which is why complex plant nutrients are preferable. Bioavailability and plant fibres (prebiotics) that support the fungal products and gut bacteria formed in the gut and in the digestive tract play an important role in flavonoids’ effects.
The Flavon products are a natural blend of complex plant substances in specific proportions with good bioavailability and prebiotic effects. Our dietary supplements containing only natural substances are safe and can help our body to function and age healthily.

We need to take action for our health, the Flavon products can help!

The text was written by Dr. Zoltán Dinya, Professor of Chemistry, Flavon’s Scientific Advisor.

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