Which of the values offered by Network Marketing is most important to you?

  • TIME! I can divide my working time on my own, that is, I work when and how it suits me, so I have the opportunity to create “Me-time” and quality free time. It’s not others who set my life. It’s up to me alone to decide on the time I spend on my family, sports, hobbies and of course my Flavon business. Since time is the only finite resource in our lives, the total freedom offered by MLM is the most defining value for me!

What it means to be a leader in a Network Marketing business?

  • I can be an influencer with outstanding rewards, solely on self-identical principles, and for the benefit of others, which means tangible, real value creation for families. In MLM, leaders are not appointed, but anyone can be a leader who wants and is willing to do so to reach that level. According to the professional wording, “A leader is the one who, when he looks back and others come behind him!”. We can influence followers, both as INFLUENCERS and COACHS, to help them achieve their own goals. It is extremely important to me that I never have to act different from who I am in Flavon, so I can stand by the principles, products and business strategies that I agree with, that I believe in, that is, that I am, based solely on my own beliefs, inner motivations, opinions and personalities. with my value system.

Many doubt the authenticity of fixed and moving incomes that can be earned in MLM, while you just mentioned outstanding pay. So, what is the truth about money?

  • Flavon offers a stable, predictable career program and career plan for those who value leisure and the abundance and quality of life provided by financial independence. Achieving the top level of the Maslow pyramid, self-realization, requires only conscious decisions, the right attitude and the right work. Flavon’s marketing plan offers an amazingly generous passive income that appears as a fixed salary in everyday life, the magnitude and continuous growth of which is up to me (not others, not bosses, no strangers), while it also depends solely on my intentions to how much active income, executive bonus, etc. I would like to earn in addition to the luxury vacations and other incentive programs offered by the company. So the FREEDOM mentioned at the beginning of our conversation – which is an essential value and authoritative motivation for me – also appears in Flavon in three basic areas of our lives: free time, free income and freely chosen employees, as I can work with whom I want, spend online and offline time with them at my working hours with whom I feel good.

Even before the Flavon business started, you had networking experience, where you also achieved serious international success and were able to “retire” financially at a very young age. Then why did you join Flavon?

  • Above all, the Owners – Johanna Sziklás, László Gaál and László Gaál Jr. – provided me with a guarantee of reliability and an unusual COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE in MLM, which means a direct, family atmosphere, a mutually supportive, friendly style. What’s more, Flavon’s unique marketing plan is a special professional innovation that allowed my friends, who until then even with a lot of effort took home little salary from traditional and various binary MLM companies where they used to work, to finally get a real tool here at Flavon to achieve their goals, which most have accomplished many millions of times since their accession. It is very important to me that we can give real value to families, since our combination of exclusive and many prestigious international award-winning products, leisure, financial independence and community experience provides a LIFESTYLE that is a real.  A livable value for everyone on a daily basis.

The interview is available in Greek by clicking on the link below: https://www.flavonmax.com/flavongr/flavon_blog_gr.pdf

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