Of the many universities where you have taught, which one is the closest to your heart and why?

– This is a very difficult question. As a young man I taught at different universities in the USA for many years and each of them was a great experience. I needed to teach in a completely different way than here at home. The ‘Prussian teacher-student relationship’ is not common there, it’s rather a partnership based on mutual trust and interest and curiosity. In the USA, you have to explain the material in a way that everyone from the youngest student to the retired professor understands, and in that respect it is a wonderful place.

You personally knew Albert Szent-Györgyi. Was he the inspiration for you to work with flavonoids?

– No, it wasn’t him. It was academic Rezső Bognár, a friend and colleague of Albert Szent-Györgyi, who got me started researching flavonoids. Szent-Györgyi was more interested in cellular respiration than flavonoids. Rezső Bognár and I had published a paper together once, and Szent-Györgyi wrote a letter saying that he would like to read more articles and publications from my pen. Needless to say, this was a great honour for me. We did manage to meet in the USA, and to this day all our conversations are still vivid in my memory, he was a brilliant researcher and a wonderful man.

Professor Zoltán Dinya

How did you get associated with Flavon?

– I read about Flavon Max in a newspaper in 2004. I was very surprised that there were people in Debrecen who were working with flavonoid products and I didn’t know about them, so I immediately contacted László Gaál Sr. using the contact details given in the advertisement. We arranged a meeting and after we discussed Flavon Max in detail, he asked me if I would like to provide scientific support to Flavon. My answer was yes, of course and I still think it was a great decision.

Which Flavon product is your personal favourite?

– This is also a very difficult question. If I absolutely had to choose, Green+ would be my pick, but of the latest products, Future is also one of my favourites. Of course, the new products coming in the fall will also be big hits for me.

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