There used to be an online newspaper called FlavOnline, but it has been inactive since 2015. Why did Flavon feel the need to start a new blog now?

– The first reason we decided that it was time to start a new blog is that we have recently expanded our team with a new member who can fully cover it. The colleague who managed FlavOnline until 2015 started working abroad a couple of years ago, so the project of constantly creating new content became a little bit orphaned. Since in MLM it’s one person – more specifically, the distributor – who recruits new members, we didn’t really feel the lack caused by the inactivity of the online newspaper, but now we believe we need to help distributors, networkers with a platform where anyone can get background materials and information, besides Facebook and Instagram.

What content can the general public expect?

– We’ve seen a lot of success stories firsthand during the more than 20–year existence of our company, so we definitely want to start a dedicated column for these stories, as the success of our company depends on the success and dedication of our distributors. There will also be articles about our products, current news and future events, and of course there will be plenty of posts on healthy recipes, sports and dietary supplements.

Due to the pandemic, no events were allowed last year. Now that the pandemic situation seems to be improving, is Flavon planning to organise various public events?

– Of course, we’re planning to. One of Flavon’s missions is to promote health-conscious nutrition and our company takes great care to ensure an outstanding professional background behind our products. Professor Dr. Zoltán Dinya has been employed by Flavon for 15 years and has been researching flavonoids for over 40 years. He has been and is still involved in numerous research programmes and projects and university students all over the world watch his lectures with starry eyes, so we would like to organise info evenings and talks with the Professor in the near future.

Multi-level marketing is not yet very popular among young people. Why is that?

– This is my favourite question. In an interview, I was once asked what I would do differently. My answer was that I would start doing MLM earlier. A lot of young people think that after graduating from university they will get a good job at home or abroad and accept that their future depends on someone else. Most of them do not dare to take the risk of being their own bosses and take control for their destiny. Of course, at first it’s not easy to get several “no-s”, but it is important to understand that refusing this opportunity costs us nothing, but thousands of euros a month to the person who says no. However, it is important to emphasize that MLM is not for everyone. Neither is the ‘traditional’ 8-10-hour employment. If a young person has an entrepreneurial nature, MLM is the most risk-free way to try out entrepreneurship, as it does not require capital. Many young people stick to the profession they learned and I think that’s the main reason why MLM should be promoted among them.

Interview conducted by Gréta Kóródi

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